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How to Deal with a Lost Package

Lost Package

Shipping items though the mail is a convenient way to send stuff to friends, family or even customers from far off locations. However, accidents happen and packages can get lost in transit. There can be a variety of reasons for this such as inaccurate, illegible or destroyed mailing address on the package.  While losing packages doesn’t happen often, it is still a frustrating experience.  In case you lose a package in the mail, don’t fret because there are ways to recover and send it back to its destination. Here are some tips on how to deal with a lost package.

Always keep the tracking number. This is your key to your package’s whereabouts. In case of loss, post office personnel can help you more efficiently to look for the item and make claiming for the package faster with the use of the tracking number.

Contact or visit the post office where you mailed your package and inquire if they have any undeliverable or returned packages. Sometimes, packages with wrong or unreadable address are not dispatched at all or returned to the office where it originated.

If your package is indeed lost, fill out a 1510 form.  You need to fill out this form accurately and provide all the important details of your package so postal personnel can easily trace the whereabouts of your mailed item.

Undelivered mails and packages end up in different USPS hubs all over the country depending on where they came from and where they are going to. The unsent packages are then opened by postal employees to look for any kind of address or identifying information. If such information are found, the package are shipped to the address.  In case no information is found, contents and details of the packages are listed down into a central computer database for easy recovery in case someone claims for them. Thus, it is a good idea to insert a piece of paper with your return address inside the shipping box before you seal it up. It will come handy in case the address on the box gets destroyed during transit.

To prevent losing packages in the mail, always make sure to write the recipient’s address and your return address accurately and clearly. You might opt to print them out with your computer if your hand writing is horrendous. Also use permanent markers that won’t bleed when exposed to moisture or cover the address with clear packing tape to protect it from the elements.

Also make sure that the shipping box you’re using is sturdy and secure. Don’t expect you item to arrive in its destination if its container has disintegrated during the shipping process.

Following these simple precautions will minimize the chances of you looking for lost packages again.

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