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Tips on Choosing the Perfect Shipping Box

Shipping Box

Using the appropriate shipping box is important in successfully shipping a package.  Aside from serving as a container, it should also provide protection that will ensure that the items inside will arrive safe and undamaged. Here are some tips in picking the best shipping box.

Always use a box that can accommodate your item and allow enough room for cushioning materials. A box which is too small does not allow adequate space for cushioning while a box which is too large leaves too much room for an item to move around.  You can even be charged a surcharge for huge boxes.

Only use a heavy-duty corrugated box when shipping items. Other boxes, such as gift boxes or shoe boxes, may not be strong enough to provide protection and can easily get crushed.

While it is ideal to reuse shipping boxes to save on costs and be more environmentally-friendly, only reuse those that are still sturdy and strong enough to provide protection to their contents. Bear in mind that a box that has gone floppy or soft because of too much use is not suitable for shipping.

If reusing a shipping box, make sure to remove or cover all previous labels and markings with heavy black marker or adhesive labels.

Never wrap boxes in paper or bind them with strings or twine.  Shipping companies like UPS do not accept packages wrapped in paper or bound in twine as these can get caught in conveyor belts or to be ripped during handling.

Just to be safe, it is a good idea to enclose an extra label or business card the shipper’s address and phone number and the recipient’s address and phone number inside the package before sealing it. This will help in case the labels and address outside the package gets damaged.

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