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Things you should know when shipping clinical samples

how to ship clinical samples

Shipping clinical samples requires utmost care in order to comply with international shipping regulations.

Samples must be placed in appropriate containers and packed properly to prevent it from getting contaminated or contaminating other packages. Below are some guidelines to follow when packing and shipping clinical samples.

Place samples in tubes with air and watertight seals. When shipping liquid clinical samples, you will need four layers of packaging: a primary watertight inner receptacle, a secondary watertight inner receptacle, absorbent material between the primary and secondary layers, and sturdy outer packaging.

Ship clinical samples at room temperature.  In case of hot weather, ship with ice packs to prevent sample degradation in transit.

1. Check out your destination’s regulations on clinical samples to ensure that your package will accepted. Regulations differ from country to country.

2. Dried blood samples must be enclosed on absorbent pads or cards in water-tight plastic bags and then shipped inside a flexible plastic envelope, padded envelope and paperboard envelope.

3. Use biohazard shipping bag which are provided by shipping companies like FedEx. These bags are designed specifically for shipping clinical samples.

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