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Safety tips on how to ship a cigarette lighter

How to ship a cigarette lighter

Cigarette lighters equipped with ignition elements and containing fuel are absolutely flammable and therefore, by definition, a hazardous material. They are subject to meticulous labeling and packaging regulation when being shipped.

The United States Postal Service permits shipping lighters but only in domestic mail via surface transportation provided the fluid can qualify as an ORM–D material. Mailpieces containing lighter fluid must also be packed. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a cigarette lighter:

Primary Receptacle
The design of the lighter must be approved by DOT .

Cushioning Material
Sufficient cushioning material must be used to absorb shock and protect the lighter from breakage.

Outer Packaging
The packaging must be designed to protect the lighter’s sparking mechanism from accidental ignition caused by friction or external pressure during transport.
The outer packaging must be of sufficient strength to prevent the inner contents from breaking or bursting through.

The address side of each mailpiece must be clearly marked with “Surface Only” or “Surface Mail Only” and “Lighters” or “Lighter Refills” followed by the T–Number.
A complete return address and delivery address must be used.

Note: A legible photocopy of the PCSC manager’s approval letter must accompany the mailing at the time of deposit.

Alternatively, cigarette lighters can be sent without any hassles if the  lighter fluid or gas fuel on each lighter are completely purged out. Place the empty lighter cases in a shipping box with enough cushioning material and ship as you would ordinary items.

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