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Things to consider when shipping antique furniture

shipping antique furniture

Because most antiques came from a bygone era, they are more likely to be fragile and require utmost care when handled. Thus it is imperative that you should know the important procedures when shipping antique furniture.

Furthermore, antiques are usually high priced or hold a certain sentimental value, so shipping them requires more caution. Professional antique furniture movers or white glove movers can do all the dirty jobs for you for an extra fee but if you really have to do the packing and shipping yourself, here are some tips to make the task a bit easier.

Before packing an antique for shipping, have it appraised to get an idea of how much insurance you should get for it.

Take photos of the furniture from different angles. These photos will be useful in case your furniture incurred damages during shipping and need to process insurance claims.

Inspect your antique and take note of delicate areas loose pieces like shelves or handles. Secure these pieces and inform your movers about them.

Remove all detachable pieces out of the furniture and properly wrap and box them in another container. These loose items can damage the furniture during transport.

Don’t use packing or any type of tape to keep drawers and doors shut. The adhesive on the tape can damage the furniture’s finish. Furniture movers usually shrink wrap the furniture, eliminating the need for any type of tape. You can use string or a rubber bungee to secure loose parts but make sure to wedge foam pads between the string and the furniture’s surface.

Wrap the entire furniture in moving blankets to protect it from the elements and sharp objects that can cause damages. This procedure is a must especially if the piece is not going to be shipped in a crate.

To be safe and sure, crate extremely valuable antiques. Moving companies can do this for you unless you know how to do it properly. Improper crating can do more damage than protect the piece.

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