4 Tips on Shipping via Reefer Freight

Reefer Freight Refrigerated freight, or more commonly referred to as reefer freight, is a method of shipping temperature-sensitive goods such as fruits, meat, seafood, vegetables, dairy products and other foodstuffs.

Medications that require certain temperatures are also shipped through this method. The temperature of a reefer freight container cannot rise above a predefined limit in order to preserve the quality of the shipment.

When using a reefer freight to transport items, the following tips should be considered to ensure that the goods arrive in fresh and in perfect condition

1. Determine the best temperature range your item needs to be stored in to prevent spoilage.

2. Research online or ask somebody in the know.

3. During the shipping process, there will be instances when your items will be away from a refrigerated environment such as while being loaded and unloaded. Thus, make sure to package your items in such a way that temperature is kept at a constant even when the items are not yet in the refrigerated freight container. You might want to consider using dry ice or cold packs. Follow instructions and regulations when using these items.

4. Choose a reliable reefer freight service provider with good reputation and has years of excellent service under their name to avoid costly mistakes.

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