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Shipping Tips from a Post Office Employee

Shipping Tips from a Postal Worker

While many claim that the Post Office can be inefficient and cannot ensure the safety and timely delivery of a package, this post office employee would like to think otherwise. In fact, he believes that the USPS is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to send a parcel elsewhere. Having worked as a post office personnel for over ten years, he shares some shipping tips to help ensure your package arrives in its destination intact and on time.

Pack your items properly. The safety of a package still lies on the packing technique employed by the shipper. Not even the gentlest post office personnel can ensure that your fragile item arrives undamaged if you just throw it in a box. Make sure that breakable items are well padded and cushioned to protect them from impact or vibration.

Insure your package. The rule is, if the item is worth more than $50 and is even remotely breakable, bendable, crushable, twistable, or any other ‘able, insure it. Also, labeling your parcel with “Handle with Care” or “Fragile” on all sides but not insuring it will NOT get it special treatment.

Write the address clearly and correctly. USPS employees take great pride in their successes in timely delivery, that is for accurately addressed packages. Always include the sender and recipient’s full names and complete addresses, written or printed legibly with permanent marker or ink. Inserting a piece of paper with the addresses inside the package also helps in case the outside label gets damaged or becomes unreadable during transit.

The snail mail monicker is not accurate. We at the USPS strive to deliver packages to their destinations on a timely manner. Here are some information on our various services and how long each one takes to get parcels delivered:

  •  Express Mails are guaranteed to be delivered at a certain day and time.
  • Priority Mail will be delivered (if addressed correctly) the same day it arrives at the office of delivery, usually within 3 day of posting.
  • First Class is the same as Priority Mail but not as much hype and cheaper.
  • Media and Standard are the black sheep and will be delivered ASAP, but during overdrive (think Holidays) they will be the parcels saved for the next day. It’s really up to you to ship early if you want your package arrive on time.


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