How to Ship a Foot Pump

Ship a Foot Pump

A foot pump is a handy device that uses up-and-down foot action to move air or liquids. It has many uses, including inflating car and bike tires, filling sports balls, air mattresses, and inflatable toys with air, as well as drawing liquids.

Many prefer foot pumps over floor pumps that use arm action because the former usually move a higher volume of substance than the latter can in the same time frame. This is because a person’s leg muscles are usually stronger than their arm muscles and a person’s entire body weight can be used to press a foot pump. Another advantage of foot pumps are their small sizes, making them portable and can be easily stored.

A foot pump is also a popular tool among individuals who are into outdoor activities because it needs no electricity to operate. They can be used in outdoor situations such as inflating rafts and air mattresses during camping. On small boats, they can be used to pump out water.

Foot pumps are usually designed to be sturdy. Nevertheless, they still need to be properly packed prior to shipping to avoid any damage. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a foot pump.

Retract the pedal and lock it into position (usually with a hook or latch) to prevent movement and make the foot pump smaller. Roll the air hose and secure with twist ties.

Wrap the entire pump in the newspaper and then with several layers of bubble wrap. Make sure that all edges and corners are well padded so that pointed parts will not puncture or damage the shipping box.

Place any accompanying accessories, such as nozzles, inside a Ziploc bag. Tape the bag onto the wrapped pump so it won’t get lost.

Get a sturdy shipping box and fill the bottom with packing materials. Place the wrapped pump on top and fill remaining spaces on the sides and top with more fillers so that there will be no space for movement. Close and seal the box with packaging tape.

Address and label the package and take to the post office or shipping company.

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