How to Ship an Ear Thermometer

Ship an Ear Thermometer An ear thermometer is a type of thermometer which uses infrared to measure body temperature. It is believed to provide faster and more accurate readings than almost all other designs.

This type of thermometer is equipped with infrared sensors located on a probe which is gently inserted into the ear canal to measure the temperature of the tympanum or eardrum. The sensors are connected to a simple computer which translates the reading and displays the temperature on a small LCD screen outside the device within seconds. It is usually battery operated.

When shipping an ear thermometer, it must be properly packed to protect it from damage during transit. Here are tips on how to properly pack and ship an ear thermometer.

Ear thermometers are best shipped in their original box. Remove batteries from the device and place it inside its box. Include accompanying accessories, such as lens filters and batteries, inside the box. Make sure that items fit snugly inside the package and do not move around. Otherwise, fill empty spaces with tissue paper or bubble wrap to prevent movement.

Close and seal the original packaging and place inside a slightly bigger shipping box with packing materials on all sides, top and bottom. Close the outer box and seal with packaging tape.

If the original packaging is not available, wrap the ear thermometer and accessories separately in bubble wrap. Place the items in a small box and fill any empty space with tissue or bubble wrap until there is no chance for movement. Close and seal the package and double box with ample packing materials on all sides, top and bottom. Seal the outer box securely.

Address and label the package and take to the post office or shipping company of your choice.

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