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Shipping No-no’s: Things you should avoid when packing items for shipping

shipping tips

If you want your items to arrive on time and free from any damages, here are some shipping tips that you should bear in mind when packing items:

Never use heavily marked boxes. When re-using boxes for shipping, remove previous labels and markings as much as possible. Old labels can be cause for confusion for shipping personnel.  Also make sure to only re-use boxes that are still sturdy and can withstand the rigors of shipping. If a previously used box cannot carry the item on its own, it has lost its integrity and is not ideal for shipping even if a lot of packaging tape is used.

While newspaper and shredded paper may be economical alternatives to packaging materials, they have low crush resiliency. Thus, never these materials when shipping fragile items that require maximum cushioning.

Prevent your item from damages by making sure that is is well packed in the box with sufficient packaging materials to prevent movements and shifting. A package will experience rough-and-tumble during shipping and any space left inside the package can lead to shifting which results in damages.

Only us adhesive tapes that are specially designed for sealing packages for shipping. Other types of tape may not be strong enough or dry out and peel off easily.

Never use ordinary mailing envelopes for shipping small items. They are not strong enough to protect an item however small it is. You can use padded envelopes but be warned that the paddings on these envelope are not sufficient in themselves to protect an item.

One common mistake in shipping is wrong or incomplete address. Make sure to provide the complete name and address of your recipient and write/print it in clear and legible manner. Use a permanent market instead of pencil or water-soluble marker when writing addresses. As an added precaution, protect the address from the elements such as moisture by placing clear packaging tape on top.


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