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How to Ship Cocoa Beans

shipping cocoa beans

Cocoa Beans can get moldy if not properly packed for shipping. If exposed to extreme temperatures, mildew can grow on cocoa beans and ruin its flavor. Improperly packed beans can also get infiltrated by insects rendering them useless.  To avoid mistakes, here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship cocoa beans.

1. Cocoa beans are beast packed in food-grade hydrocarbon-free jute bags. If not available, you can use ordinary food grade zipper bags. Make sure to release the air inside before sealing the bags close. This will help prevent the buildup of moisture and mildew. When using plastic zipper bags, double wrap packages in another zipper bag for added protection against the elements.

2. Wrap each bag in at least two layers of bubble wrap. This will provide cushion and prevent bruising the beans as well as insulate the packages from temperature fluctuations.

3. Place the wrapped cocoa beans into an expanded polystyrene foam cooler for an added layer of insulation. Place the cooler’s lid on and seal the sides with tape to reduce air within the foam container.

4. Place the sealed cooler inside a shipping box.  Fill empty space with packing materials to prevent the cooler from shifting during transit.

5. Address the package and put “Perishable” labels.

6. Pick the fastest possible option such as overnight, next-day or priority mail service to lessen the amount of time that the cocoa beans are exposed to the elements.

7. Advise the recipient about the incoming shipment and its arrival date. This will prevent the package from being left outside upon delivery for an extended period of time.

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