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Simple Tips When Shipping in Bulk

Shipping in Bulk

Shipping in bulk can be a huge cost saver.  If you are sending items to one destination, it is best to just send them in all together in the box. This will save you on postage costs, expenses on shipping materials, gas money and time for going to the post office. Since you will be sending a variety of items in one box, the following guidelines can help assure safe and effective delivery.

Choose the right box. A good shipping box must be sturdy and appropriately sized to contain all your items and allow extra space for packing materials.

Wrap each item in a couple of layers of bubble wrap and secure with tape.  If the item comes with its own box, don’t take it out of its container.  Instead, ensure that it has enough packing materials to prevent it from shifting in its own box.

Put a layer of cushioning materials on the bottom of the shipping box, the best material to use is packing peanuts as they provide high crush resiliency preventing damage to the items. Other packing materials that can be used are bubble wrap, air bag, and foam pads. For less fragile items, you can use shredded paper just to prevent the items from shifting around the box.

Arrange the items inside the shipping box and fill empty spaces with more packing peanuts. Make sure that the items don’t move around when the box is slightly shaken.

Close the box and seal with packaging tape.  Also, tape the bottom seams of the box to provide more support.

Attach completed addresses and labels on both sides of the box. Double-check the address and make sure that it is correct, complete and legible. Use permanent marker when writing addresses and labels and protect them against the elements with clear packing tape.

Take the package to your local post office or carrier.

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