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Quick Tips Shipping Insurance 101

Shipping Tips - Parcel Insurance

When shipping important or expensive items, it is best to buy insurance so you get compensated in case the item gets lost or damaged during the shipping process. Here are some quick and important tips when buying shipping insurance.

Pack your item properly. Make sure that packaging is adequate for the rigors of shipping. Items that got damaged because of inappropriate packaging will not be paid insurance.

Take photographs of your package at different angles before you ship. This will be your proof that the item is well packed before shipping in case it gets damaged or lost.

Buy as much insurance as the item is actually worth. The retail value is what most likely be spent to replace a lost or damaged item.

Always use a trackable shipment method so you will know if or when an item gets lost, rather than wondering whether it is still “on the way” while you really ought to be filing an insurance claim.

Compile all shipping documentation and keep them in a safe place. Keep receipts, tracking number, and insurance number on hand until the recipient confirms that he has received the item in good condition.  You will be needing these documents in case you have to make a claim.

In the event that you need to make an insurance claim, take all documentation with you to the shipper’s nearest office and present your receipt, tracking number, insurance number, photo of the item as shipped, and any other documents you have about the retail value of the item.

Making a claim usually takes time so be patient. Procedures also vary from carrier to carrier and from location to location. It usually takes time for the shipping company to rule on your claim so you will have to wait if they will pay or reject your claim.

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