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How to keep items safe from humidity when shipping by freight

avoid moisture damage when shipping in freight

Shipping by freighter or train can be a cost-effective means of transporting your goods in bulk. However, it can take a few days or even weeks for your items to reach their destinations through this method. During the long shipping period, be aware that your cargo may be exposed to damage due to excessive moisture in shipping containers. Moisture can be from numerous sources such as condensation, rain or high levels of humidity in the atmosphere. If left unprotected, your items can get considerable damage before they arrive in their destination. Below are some of the damages that can be caused by moisture in freights.

Molds and Fungi
Moisture and high humidity provide a perfect condition for molds, fungi and bacteria to grow. These organisms can wreak havoc on your items and render them useless.

Chemical Changes
High humidity can cause chemical reactions that could affect your shipment. For example, glue can lose its adhesive qualities because of moisture or humidity. Other detrimental effects of moisture include discoloration of paint pigments, shrinking of fabrics and odors from mildew settling into your products.

Moisture and humidity can lead to oxydation and the eventual development of rust on metallic items. Aside from ruining an item’s metal finish, rust can also weaken metal parts and make your goods unfit for use or sale.

Solutions to Humidity
To lessen the risk of getting your items destroyed by humidity, there are different products that are available to help keep moisture from affecting your cargo. Practical solutions to humidity include products like clay and silica gel desiccants that are simply packed with your items. These dessicants come in a variety of forms and sizes to meet the need of you products. If possible, wrap items individually in plastic to protect them from moisture. Another solution is to seal off all vents in the the boxes or containers to make them as airtight as possible and prevent moisture to come in. For smaller items, moisture barrier bagsĀ  and vacuum sealers can help keep items as dry as possible.

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