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How to Pack with Bubble Wrap

bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is one of the most cost-effective packing materials around. Its unique structure, where the air is trapped between two layers of plastic, provides an effective barrier and protection for delicate items against vibration and impact that could cause damage. It is virtually weightless so it doesn’t add weight to your package and very versatile so you can use it to protect all sort of goods, whether big, small or irregularly shaped.  Bubble wrap is also recyclable and re-usable, making it not only an ideal way to safeguard breakable items but also a “green” packing material.

Below are some tips on how to pack with bubble wrap and take advantage of its maximum potential.

Use sharp scissors to cut the bubble wrap to size. Cut along a line in between two rows of bubbles to keep as many air pockets intact as possible. Remember that those air bubbles are what make this packaging material effective in cushioning fragile items.

To be safe, use at least a couple of layers of bubble wrap when packing breakable items. Make sure that all parts of the item are well protected with bubble wrap.

Use Scotch tape to secure the bubble wrap in place. A tape with good adhesive should be used to prevent the wrap from unfurling and exposing the items to damage.

Aside from newspaper, shredded paper and packing peanuts, you can also use bubble wrap to fill empty spaces between an item and the shipping box to prevent unnecessary movements during transit that can lead to breakage. Do the same when packing several items in one box to prevent the goods from banging into each other.

Before closing the box, place a sheet of bubble wrap on top of the items as an added protection. Seal the package with packaging tape.

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