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shipping bottled items

Bottled liquids such as homemade beverages and sauces must be properly sealed to ensure that they don’t leak during the shipping process.  Glass bottles are good containers for shipping liquids. However, they are heavier and can break if not properly packed.  If you are sending out homemade stuff but do not have the equipment to professionally seal bottles, here are some tips on how to prevent leakages when shipping bottled items:

Make sure the caps or lids on the bottles are tight and secured. As an added precaution, wrap plastic cling wrap on the cap/lid and neck area of the bottle. Use packaging tape to secure the plastic wrap in place.

To protect the bottle, wrap it entirely with layers of bubble wrap. This will provide cushion to prevent glass bottles from breaking during movement.

Place the bottle in a shipping box and fill empty spaces with packaging materials.  If shipping several bottles in one package, arrange the bottles side by side and then fill the gaps with packing materials. Make sure that the bottles are snugly packed and do not move when the box is shaken.

Close the box, secure with tape, and address it.

Take the box to your local post office or shipping company.

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