Where to Find Cheap Shipping Supplies?

Shipping Supplies The costs of shipping materials can add up especially if you send out items on a regular basis. Using cheap or even free shipping materials is the best way to go if you want to get the best value for your shipping expenses.  Here are some tips on where you can get inexpensive shipping supplies, and sometimes, even for free!

Go Online.  There are numerous shipping supply websites which offer affordable and discounted rates on their products. Some even accept coupons codes that will further increase your savings.

Save cash by buying in bulk.  This is a great tip for frequent shippers. You can save a lot if you purchase shipping supplies in bulk, whether from online or regular shipping supply shops. These stores usually give substantial discounts if you buy in mass quantities.

Get free shipping supplies from the post office. Just visit your local post office and ask for shipping materials.  You can also go to the USPS website and order the supplies you need online and wait for them to get delivered.

Ask for boxes from specialty stores. If you are sending out an irregularly-shaped item like a golf club or tennis racquet,  go to a specialty shop selling such items.  These stores  receive shipments on a regular basis and may be willing to give you boxes for little or no cost at all. Just ask politely.

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