How to Ship a Tanning Bed

Ship a Tanning Bed

With its sheer size alone, shipping a tanning bed can be a difficult task. Its weight and the many fragile parts make it even more burdensome to haul from one place to another by yourself.  The best way to ship a tanning bed is by hiring a shipping company that has experience in transporting such a huge item. You can find numerous companies online that offer this service.  They have professional and experienced personnel who knows exactly what to do to ensure that your tanning bed arrives on time without any damage.

Tanning beds are usually shipped on ground via a large 18 wheeler truck. Sometimes they are disassembled into two parts, the canopy and the bed. Each part is boxed separately with all the necessary wrap and padding to prevent any damage during transport. The boxes are then strapped securely into a wooden palette before getting loaded onto the truck.

The tanning bed will then be dropped at the curb of the receiver’s address. You may want to advise the receiver about the upcoming delivery as extra hands will be needed to unload and safely haul the item inside the house or establishment. Shipping staff will re-assemble the bed if it arrives disassembled.

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