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Shipping Books Inexpensively

Shipping Books

Shipping books as gifts can be easily done by anyone. Whether nationwide or overseas, all one need is to package all of the books individually in small boxes, take them to the post office and get an M-bag. This large, canvas duffel bag is an inexpensive way to send small boxes containing printed matter overseas. Read on to know how to ship books without spending too much.

Place the books in separate boxes and write the address of the recipient legibly on the inside and the outside of the boxes. Each book needs to be put in a separate box even if the books are going to the same destination.

Close the boxes and seal them.

Bring the boxes to the post office and ask for a U.S. Postal Service M-bag. This is a canvas duffel bag or sack where all the boxes are placed. The M-bag must weigh less than 66 pounds.

M-bags can be Airmail M-bags, International Priority Airmail M-bags, and International Surface Air Lift M-bags.  They are specifically made for sending printed matter by air or surface mail.

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