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How to Ship Fresh Fruits

shipping fresh fruits

Fruits are great gift items but laws and regulations regarding shipping them from one state or country to another can pose problems. Because of concerns about the spread of harmful pests and diseases, the USDA has established shipping regulations that make it difficult to ship fresh fruit. Don’t fret, you can still ship fresh fruits by following the following tips:

Go online and find a fresh fruit distributor such as Hales Groves, Cherry Moon Farms, Cross Creek Groves, and Harry and David.

Make sure to read the company’s policy on shipping fresh fruits before placing an order. Some companies only ship within the continental U.S., while others ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, along with Canadian provinces. Other companies may also ship internationally.

Choose the fresh fruit you’d like to ship. Distributors offer a wide range of packages ranging from boxes to gift baskets. Choose the type of fresh fruit you would like to ship and proceed accordingly.

Fill up the order form and provide all of the information required, including your choice of fruit, the recipient’s address and your chosen delivery date. Be sure to indicate whether you are sending the package to a place of business or a residential address. This may have an effect on the time when the package needs to be delivered.

Choose a shipping method. Depending on how fast you want or need the fresh fruit to arrive, you can have it mailed via standard shipping, priority or overnight.

Pay for your fresh fruit order. Be sure to save any order information or tracking numbers so that you can be sure that your package arrives in its final destination.

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