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How to Ship a Live Lobster

shipping live lobster

Lobsters make delicious meals especially when cooked fresh. It is thus imperative to properly pack a live lobster before shipping.  The following tips on how to ship a live lobster can ensure that it arrives in great shape to be enjoyed by the receiver.

Pick a healthy lobster that has been kept cool, ideally at a temperature of no higher than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a sturdy Styrofoam or insulated box that is just large enough to hold the lobster. If the box is too large, the lobster may shift during shipping and its shell could break. Punch a few air holes in the container’s sides using a skewer so that the lobster can breathe.

Make a bed of cold gel-ice pack wrapped in a paper towel at the bottom of the box and cover it with 2 to 4 inches of seaweed, newspaper, or other absorbent material that has been moistened with seawater.

Place the lobster in the insulated box, cover the container with the lid, and seal it with tape or tie with string.

Place the insulated container in the cardboard shipping box. Make sure that box also has some air holes. Seal the box and address it. Add a “Live Lobster” sticker if you have one.

If the lobster is sent as a gift, posting cooking instructions on top of the insulated container would be a good idea.

Choose a shipping company that can deliver your lobster quickly, preferably overnight. A lobster can survive in a properly packed container only for two or three days.

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