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Cost-Effective Way To Ship Wheels

ship wheels

Automobile wheels are some of the most expensive items to ship. Most shipping companies charge exorbitant fees if they know you are shipping wheels. Aside from the basic shipping rates, they will also collect “insurance charge” because an automobile wheel is considered odd-shaped and easily damaged. They will charge you even more still if there are tires on the wheels because of added weight and the probability of a punctured tire. A complete set of wheels with tires can cost you a staggering $300!

However, there are ways to cut on shipping costs when sending out automobile wheels with tires. The key is to NOT disclose to the shipping company that your package contains wheels! Here are practical and cost-saving ways to ship wheels with tires using commercial parcel companies such as UPS or FED-EX:

Never bring your package to a UPS/FED-EX store. They will inspect the package and ask all sorts of questions then will charge you with additional fees for shipping a wheel! Instead, look for a commercial address, like your place of work, that has a daily pickup from these parcel companies. You can simply drop off your package from this address and have it picked up. If you don’t have a daily pickup at your work place, bring your packages to the UPS distribution center closest to you. These centers have customer service buildings that will take your packages as long as they are well packed, sealed and labeled.

Next, create an UPS/FEDEX online account by visiting their websites and signing up. You should have a printer to print off your labels.

Pack each tire in a sturdy shipping box. Automobile wheels are very heavy so make sure that the box you are using can support the weight and provide sufficient protection. To ship a set, you will need four boxes. Shipping boxes are readily available from shipping supply stores but if you want to save on costs, get them for FREE from a local tire store, they typically throw these boxes away.

Use a box that can snuggly accommodate the wheel. If the boxes are a bit larger than, cut them to size so the wheels fit more securely in the package.

Use old news paper to fill in the empty spaces inside the boxes. Also, don’t worry about deflating your tires all the way, just bring them down to about 10 psi.

Have the package weighed and measured. You will need these dimensions to calculate for shipping costs. Go to the UPS/FED-EX website and use their shipping calculator.

Have the labels printed off and attach them to your packages. Secure the labels in place and protect them from the elements with clear packaging tape.

Take your packages to the address with daily pick up or drop them off at a the nearest distribution center. As long as you do not disclose what’s in the box, you can ship wheels without paying for extra shipping charges.

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