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Taxes and Duties When Shipping a Car Abroad

shipping a car abroad

Aside from the basic freight costs and fees, you should also know the additional expenses you will incur when shipping a car abroad. The rates vary depending on your destination. Each country has its own regulations and duty rates regarding the importation of vehicles so you might want to research first about your destination country to avoid getting caught off guard when it comes to paying taxes and duty fees.

Paying for these fees upon arrival of the vehicle at the destination port is the responsibility of the car owner.  You can call the local embassy or consulate of your destination country to find out what the duty fees are for that particular country. While there are other ways to know the import duty rates of a certain country such as email ans snail mail, making a phone call to the embassy is proven to be the fastest and easiest method.

An experienced and reputable car shipping company that specializes in international transport of vehicles can give you an ball park estimate of what your import duties will be. But to get the most accurate and up to date prices, you will want to get those rates from the embassy/consulate in the event of a change.

When shipping a car internationally, be informed that in addition to the destination port, duty rates also vary by the size of the vehicle. Also ask the embassy if there is a vehicle age restriction or any other rules that should be taken into consideration with regards to vehicle imports in their country.

Only get the services of a trusted overseas shipping company who can provide you with all the necessary costings and disclose every expenses you may incur with their services. Nothing is worse than getting surprised with an invoice laden  with hidden fees.

Remember that once the car arrives at its destination, the duty fees and taxes at that port are out of the shipping compay’s hands. The owner, or the one picking up the vehicle, should be the one paying for those charges.

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