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How To Ship Watercolor Paintings

Ship watercolor paintings

Depending on the size and the paper material used, shipping a watercolor painting can either be a simple task or may take slightly more effort and cost. Small pieces painted on light watercolor paper can be carefully rolled and placed in mailing tubes. Those done in thick watercolor paper, on the other hand, are best shipped flat because the material can create creases when rolled or can be difficult to flatten out for framing when rolled for a long time.

Watercolor paintings are delicate and must not be exposed to the elements especially moisture and sunlight that can ruin and easily fade its colors. When shipped flat, the paintings must be sandwiched in sturdy cardboard that will prevent it from getting bent or folded. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship watercolor paintings.

Mailing tubes are perfect for shipping watercolor paintings if the paper used is not too thick. These tubes come in a variety of sizes. Use one that has a large enough diameter so that the paper can be rolled without making a crease. To be safe and keep the artwork protected from the elements, wrap the rolled painting in acid free tissue paper.

When shipping flat, which is perfect for pieces done in heavy paper or works that are already matted, cut to size two pieces of thick cardboard slightly larger than the painting.  Wrap the watercolor painting in acid free paper to protect it from the elements and trap it between the cardboard pieces. Then, wrap the painting in a couple of layers of brown paper and tape it good.

To ship watercolor paintings that are already framed, you may follow these tips on packing and shipping framed objects.

Attach the correct address and appropriate labels on the package and take to a shipping company or post office.

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