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Shipping Tips to Prevent Damaged Packages And Delivery Delays

damaged box

The most common cause for packages to get damaged during transit is improper packing. Inappropriate packing can also cause delivery delays, have the package returned to the sender, or worse, lose all the contents of the package. Hence, proper packing is one of the most important aspects of successful shipping. Items must be placed in appropriate containers, provided with sufficient cushion, well-sealed and have the accurate destination address. Here are some valuable shipping tips that will help ensure your package is well-packed and can endure the rough handling it may encounter during transport.

Use an appropriately-sized shipping box. It should be big enough to accommodate your item with just enough space to be filled with packing materials to prevent movements.

Make sure that your items are positioned the right way. Some fragile goods need to be kept upright, in this case, you should make the top of it face towards the biggest side of the box. If it is oriented toward the narrow top of the box, it can be very difficult to be kept upright during shipping.

Don’t scrimp on packing materials such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, foam pads, newsprint paper especially when shipping breakable items. Surround your goods with packing materials on all sides, and in between items, to prevent them from banging into each other.

Use a lot of packing tape to secure and seal your package. For best results, apply three strips across the fold of the flaps and at least two more strips across. This will ensure that the box will not pop open in the middle of the shipping process. When shipping heavy items, make sure to secure the bottom flaps of the box with several layers of packing tape to prevent it from popping open during transit.

Write the destination address in large, bold and legible letters.  Place the address on the largest side of the package. If your box is cardboard brown, write the address on a piece of white paper to make it more visible and then tape it on the package. Protect it from the elements, such as moisture that can smudge the ink, by sticking clear packing tape over it.

Be nice to the shipping personnel or post office employees. Don’t give them any reason to take their frustrations on your package after you have left the shop or the post office.

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