How to Ship a Lacrosse Stick

Ship a lacrosse stick The lacrosse stick, also called crosse, is important equipment in the sport of lacrosse. It is what defines the game and distinguishes it from other sports. The crosse is typically made of a shaft or handles with a head on one end which contains the pocket or net.

Shafts were traditionally made from wood but are now also available in lighter and stronger materials such as Titanium, Graphite, Teflon, Scandium, Vanadium, Dolomite, and Carbon fiber. Heads are typically made from plastic with pockets either made from pre-fabricated nylon mesh material or manually strung with leather and nylon strings. The head can be removed from the shaft and is in fact replaced after hard use.

The length of lacrosse sticks varies depending on the gender of the user. Women’s lacrosse sticks are typically measured from 36″ to 44″ while men’s lacrosse sticks come in lengths from 30″ to a maximum of 60″.

Because of its irregular shape and length, shipping a lacrosse stick may look daunting. The key is to cushion the much fragile head so it will not crack or break. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a lacrosse stick.

Gently unscrew the head from the shaft. Wrap the head and shaft separately in a generous amount of bubble wrap. Get a sturdy box that is large enough to accommodate both the head and shaft. Fill all void with crumpled paper or bubble wrap to prevent the items from shaking and colliding inside the box. Close and seal the package with tape.

Another option is to ship the head and shaft separately. The head can be placed in a box that will fillers all around while the shaft can be shipped using a mailing tube with packing materials all around to prevent movement. An alternative to a mailing tube PVC pipe cut to the length of the shaft and plugged on both ends with a thick cardboard disc secured with heavy-duty packaging tape.

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