How to Ship Sandals

How to ship sandals Sandals are a must in every wardrobe. They are particularly useful during summer when you want your feet to be cool and dry. These open type footwear come in a variety of styles and can be made from materials such as leather, canvas and rubber.

Depending on their make, sandals can be chic additions to casual ensembles or comfortable footwear when hiking or trekking. Because they are usually light and flat, sandals can be easily packed and take along during travels. They are usually flat but high heel or wedge sandals are also available.

Sandals are very easy to pack for shipping but proper precautions must be observed to ensure that the footwear will not be damaged while in transit. Here are tips on how to pack and ship sandals the right way.

Wrap each sandal in tissue paper and secure with tape. Make sure that the tape adhesive only sticks on the paper and not on the footwear. Then, cover each sandal in bubble wrap and secure with tape.

Place the sandals inside the box they came in with. If the original box is no longer available, you can use a regular shipping box that is not too big nor too small for the sandal. An over-sized box will have plenty of spaces that need filling up to prevent movement while forcing the sandals inside a box that is too small might deform them. Fill any space inside the box with packing materials such as crumpled paper or bubble wrap to prevent the sandals from shifting during transit.

If the original box is too flimsy, it must be placed in another box that is sturdier and a bit larger. Fill the spaces between the two boxes with more packing materials to avoid movement. Close the box and seal with packaging tape.

If the first box used is sturdy enough, double boxing may not be necessary.  Simply wrap the sealed box in brown packing paper and wrap generously with packaging tape.

Attach address and labels onto the package and take to your local post office or shipping company.

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