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How to Ship Fresh Flowers for Mother’s Day

Ship Fresh Flowers

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and a bouquet of fresh flowers picked from your own garden would be a great gift to show your love and appreciation for her. Sending blooms from your garden to your mother from another state or even country is easy as long as proper preparation and packaging of the flowers were undertaken to ensure that they arrive fresh and beautiful on Mother’s Day.  Here are a few tips on how to ship fresh flowers on Mother’s Day or any other special occasion.

Cut the flowers from your garden and immediately place the stems in a bucket of water. Always trim stems at an angle to reveal the greatest surface area. Also, flowers that are cut under water are proven to last up to 30 percent longer. The best time to pick flowers is early in the morning. Then place the bucket of flowers in a cool place until you are ready to pack them.

Soak three to five sheets of newspaper in water. Arrange your fresh-cut flowers into a bouquet and wrap the soaked newspapers around the stems.

Cover the newspaper-wrapped stems with a plastic bag to keep the moisture in the newspaper. Avoid wrapping the leaves and the flowers.

Place the bouquet into a plastic vase or container so it will stand on its own.  Do not put water in the vase.

Get your shipping box and line the sides with insulated liners to keep the flowers cool. Use a box that is big enough to hold the arrangement without bending the stems or crushing the blooms.

Place the vase in the box and secure in place by putting packing materials such as crushed newspaper making sure that it will not shift when moved.  Place the bouquet in the vase. The flowers should be secured with cable ties to the box so the arrangement will stay in place.

Close the box ans seal with tape.  Address the package appropriately and ship it overnight to ensure fast delivery.

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