How to ship aquatic plants

how to ship aquatic plants Aquarium plants are delicate and fragile in nature.  Thus, careful shipping is required to keep them alive in transit.  Below is a guideline on how to ship aquatic plants so that they arrive alive and healthy.

Take the aquarium plants out of the tank and prepare them for shipping. Be careful in handling the plants so as not to damage any roots or the stem. Remove all dying leaves.

Wet some length of paper toweling  and lay the the root end of the plants on it.  Carefully wrap the damp toweling loosely around the roots.

Place the wrapped plant into a plastic bag. Make sure to use bags that can accommodate the plant without bending or squishing. You do not want to damage your plants before they get to the buyer’s house.

Tie or seal the top of the bag with a rubber band.  Do not trap air inside the bag as the plant gets it CO2 from water. Place the baggy with the plant into the Styrofoam box and fill in all remaining spaces with packing material. Place the Styrofoam box into a cardboard shipping box.

Label the box and ship as Priority Mail or use an overnight shipping option.

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