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How to ship pizza

shipping pizza

Shipping a pizza is easy as long as proper packing procedures are done.  To preserve pizza, it should be frozen first and packed with dry ice to keep the temperature. Using dry ice in shipping food is not prohibited as long as they are sent via ground transportation.  Below is a guideline on how to properly pack and ship pizza to ensure that it arrives in perfect and delectable condition.

Completely cool the pizza then wrap it in shrink wrap. Place in the freezer overnight or until frozen solid.

To prepare the pizza for shipping, take it out of the freezer, and wrap in shrink wrap again. Wrapping the pizza several times is advisable so the food would not get contaminated even if the dry ice touches the pizza.

Then, pack the wrapped frozen pizza in an insulated shipping container. If you have more than one frozen pizza, stack them one on top of the other.

Put on a pair of gloves. Place dry ice packs directly on top of the frozen pizza; do not separate the ice from the pizza. However, to keep the pizza from shifting around during shipping, use the packing material to fill in any extra space. This will also help to keep the dry ice from warming.

It’s a good idea to include baking or reheating instructions together with the pizza.

Close the insulated container and seal. Label with the appropriate recipient address information according to your shipping company’s guidelines.

Bring the container to your local shipping office and follow regular shipping instructions.

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