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How to Ship a Fur Coat

Shipping a fur coat

Whether real or faux, there is a right way to pack and ship a fur coat. This article will instruct you on how to properly pack and ship a fur coat.

Get several packs of tissue paper and lay them out flat so they will be ready for use. Take a white gift box that is big enough to accommodate the fur coat and line with 2 to 3 layers of tissue paper.

Fold the coat neatly making sure that it will fit in the white gift box. You can layer the tissue paper in between the folds of the coat also if you wish (especially if there are any buttons or zippers that may get caught on the fur.) lay another layer of tissue paper on top of the folded fur coat.

Cover and seal the white gift box and use clear packing tape to gently secure the top of the box.

Now get out your larger sturdy cardboard box which you can reinforce by getting two cardboard boxes (making sure one fits snugly inside the other box.) Take the white gift box that you have previously packaged your fur coat in and place it inside the larger cardboard box. You can now use the newspaper to secure the white gift box inside of the cardboard box. This will help cushion the smaller box in case the box is damaged in transit.

Label the package and take to your local shipping office.


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