How to Ship an Electric Heating Pad

Ship an Electric Heating Pad An electric heating pad is a flat flexible pouch containing a series of  heating elements used to ease sore muscles and treat joint pains. The pad is usually made from flame retardant plastic while the heating elements are wired to a small box on the outside that serves as a thermostat. The device is powered by household electricity via an electrical plug.

Most electric heating pads comes with a washable fabric cover to avoid direct contact and prevent burning the skin. When you plug the pad in, the wires heat up to the desired temperature. When the heating pad is placed on an area of muscle or joint pain, the heat emitted relaxes the tense area and soothes the pain. Some models, called wet heating pads, include a moistened, sponge-like liner which delivers moist heat used for deep tissue treatments.

When shipping an electric heating pad, it must be properly packed to avoid getting damaged during transit. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship an electric heating pad to ensure that it arrives in excellent condition.

Pack the electric heating pad with the fabric cover on. Roll the electric cord and secure with rubber band or twist tie. Wrap the cord and the thermostat/contro box in bubble wrap.

Because the pad is pliable, you can fold or roll it with ease. Loosely but neatly fold/roll the pad. Wrap it generously with bubble wrap and secure with tape. Attach the cord/control box to the wrapped pad with tape.

Place the wrapped pad in a box with packing materials on the bottom. Fill remaining empty space on the sides and top of the box with more packing materials to prevent movement. Close and seal the box with packaging tape.

Address and label the package and take to the post office or carrier of your choice.

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