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How to ship lose gems

Collecting loose gemstones is a great way to invest for many. Loose gemstones are  cheaper than pre-set precious gems and give the collector the freedom to design his or her own unique setting for the stones when he or she finally decides to use them as wearable jewelry.

Just like gems already set in jewelry, loose gemstones also require the same care to maintain their beauty, integrity and value. These precious stones are fragile and can be damaged by external factors such as rough surface and hard foreign objects as well as other gemstones. For instance, harder gemstones, such as diamonds and sapphires, will scratch softer gemstones, such as emerald or lapis.

When shipping loose gemstones, proper packing is critical to prevent damage on the stones as well as keep them safe from thieves or loss. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship loose gemstones.

Place each gemstone in a padded and lined jewelry box. If sending several gems in one box, keep each one in a separate compartment so they don’t collide and scratch each other. Alternatively, place each gem in a small velvet pouch before placing inside a box. Minimize movement inside the box by filling it with bubble wrap or tissue paper.

Close and seal the box, making sure that there is no way for it to burst open and spill its contents during transit. Place the box of loose gemstones inside a slightly larger box with ample packing materials on all sides, to and bottom to prevent movement. Close and seal the outer box with packaging tape.

Address and label the package. Do not write labels that would indicate the contents of the package such as “jewelry” or “valuable” to prevent theft. Take the package to your local post office or shipping company. You may opt to avail of tracking options, insurance and delivery confirmation to ensure that the package arrives without any problems.

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