How to Ship Dress Pants and Trousers

Ship Dress Pants Dress pants and trousers are basic clothing items for both men and women. Unlike jeans that are rugged in appearance, trousers are usually made from lighter fabric and worn at the workplace or during formal occasions.

Because of the material used, such as linen, silk, and polyester, dress pants tend to be more easily creased or damaged than sturdier jeans which are usually made from denim. When shipping pants, they must be properly folded and packed to ensure that they arrive without damage and with as little crease as possible. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship dress pants.

The key to preventing pants from getting creased and wrinkled is to fold them properly. Start by buttoning or zipping the pants. Lay the pants on a flat surface such that the front and back creases are aligned. Smooth out any residual bumps and creases with your hands and make sure that the inside pockets are flattened.

Fold the legs so that the hems are even with the pants’ waist. Fold another time so that the first fold is aligned with the pants’ waist. Place the dress pants inside a zip bag and remove as much air as possible before sealing.

When shipping several pants in one package, individually wrap each folded trouser with tissue paper. Neatly stack them in a pile before placing them in a large bag.

Place the bagged trousers in an appropriately-sized cardboard box. The box should be large enough to snugly accommodate the trousers without cramming them. Use bubble wrap or crumpled paper to fill empty spaces, if any. The box should be well-packed so that the items inside will not move around.

Close the box and seal all openings with packaging tape. Address and label the package and take to the post office or your choice of carrier.

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