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How to Ship Swords

Ship Swords

Many people, believe it or not, are fascinated by swords. These bladed weapons are some of the most popular collected items. Almost all cultures have a sword of some sort making these items easily available to collectors.

Some collectors prefer antique swords while others make do with replicas. Swords vary in widths and lengths as well as in weights and shapes. They can either be single or double edged. Because of their pointed ends and sharp blades, swords must be properly handled to avoid accidents.

When transporting swords, they must be properly packed to ensure that they will not cause injury to handlers or damage to properties. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship swords to ensure that they arrive in their destination without hurting anybody, destroy other items or themselves.

A sword is ideally shipped in its scabbard to protect the point and blade. Insert the sword in its scabbard and wrap in several layers of bubble wrap. Use tape to secure it in place. It should be tightly packed so that the sword does not move inside its scabbard. Add extra padding on the scabbard’s end, the pommel and cross guards to prevent these parts from puncturing the shipping box.

If a scabbard is not available, use a piece of cardboard to wrap the blade. Tape the cardboard so it will not unfurl. Wrap the entire sword in bubble wrap as described above.

Depending on the wrapped sword’s size and length, get a box that can snugly accommodate the item and provide a bit of extra space for packing materials. Place the sword inside the box and fill all sides, top and bottom with packing peanuts or crumpled newspaper. The sword should not move around when the box is closed. Secure the package with packaging tape.

Address and label the package and take to your local post office or shipping company.

Avoid using “Sword” or “Weapon” in the description. Use “Stage Props,” “Antique Reproductions” or “Decorative Art” instead. Insure antiques or high value swords.

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