How to Ship Castanets

shipping castanets

Castanets are hand percussion instruments consisting of a pair of concave shell-shaped wooded pieces joined on one edge by a string. A player usually uses a pair of castanets on each hand and click them together to produce rhythmic sounds. The instruments are traditionally made from hardwoods including chestnut, which is Castaño in Spanish, and where they probably got their name. Apart from wood, fiberglass is becoming an increasingly popular material for making castanets. Castanets are also popular in dance particularly in several forms of flamenco.

In order for the castanets to sound good, they must be taken care of to prevent cracking or breaking. Exposure to the elements, particularly moisture or extreme temperatures can cause damage. When shipping, castanets must be well packed to protect them from impact and the elements. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship castanets.

Wrap each pair of castanets in tissue paper so they do not scratch each other. Then, wrap them tightly in bubble wrap and secure with tape.

Place the wrapped castanets in a box with packing materials at the bottom. Fill spaces on the sides, in between items and top of the box with more packing materials. Ensure that the box is well-packed to prevent the items from moving.

Close and seal the box with tape. Address and label properly. Take the package to the post office or shipping company.

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