Packing Materials 101

Packing materials When shipping items, it is important to get familiar with the packing materials that will keep your goods secure and protected during transit.  Below is a list of the most commonly used packing materials necessary in shipping items safely.

Cardboard boxes are the best containers for shipping items.  They come in varied sizes and types so you can choose the best ones to suit your shipping requirements. They can be small to contain gadgets or big enough to accommodate big item such as disassembled furniture pieces.

File Boxes – Mainly used for transporting documents, these small boxes allow you to keep everything neat and organized.

Lamp Boxes – As the name implies, lamp boxes are designed to hold lamps. Tall and narrow, they will ensure that your lamps are properly packaged.

Picture Boxes – Used in storing and shipping framed artwork and mirrors. They are made of cardboard and are adjustable, perfect for keeping artwork safe during transit.

Protective Materials

Putting you items to be shipped into boxes are not enough, you should also make sure that they are properly protected to avoid damage in case they shift during transit. Furthermore, items that are too large to be boxed need to be wrapped in protective materials to prevent scratches and other damages.

Newsprint – Used for wrapping breakable items, like china, glassware, and other crockery. Crumpled up newsprint are good cushioning material for your goods. Regular newspaper can also be used but unprinted newsprint is advisable when packing delicate items to avoid staining.

Moving Pads and Moving Blankets – These materials are useful to protect huge furniture before shipping.  They prevent scratches up during shipping. Moving pads and blankets can also be used to wrap up electronics and other compact items before putting them into boxes.

Bubble Wrap – Used to protect items, big or small, to prevent scratches and dents.

Stretch Wrap – You can use stretch wrap to prevent moisture, dust and other elements from getting into your items.

Foam peanuts –  also known as packing peanuts, use these to fill spaces and cushion items to prevent damage during shipping.

Labeling Materials

Packing Labels and Stickers – These are important packing items for shipping. These is where you put the address of the item’s destination. Also, labels let you mark off which items are fragile, so everyone will know to handle those boxes with care.

Permanent Markers – Use these to write on the packing labels and materials. Write legibly, making sure names and addresses are correct.

Packing Tape – Use strong packing tape for properly sealing your boxes. You can also use tape to reinforce the bottom and sides of boxes containing heavy items. A tape dispenser should be at hand so you can easily and quickly apply tape to your boxes, without the trouble of using scissors or trying to find the edge of the tape.

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