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How to Ship Framed Items

shipping framed items

Framed objects usually have glass on them.  Thus, special procedures must be followed when packing a framed object for shipping. Here are valuable tips on how to properly pack and ship framed items.

Before packing a framed artwork, mirror or photograph, put two strips of masking tape over the glass in an X shape. The tape will keep the glass from shattering and scratching the underlying picture and from hurting the handler in case it breaks.

Once the framed object is taped up, put on corner protectors.  These are usually made of corrugated cardboard or plastic and are available at moving supplies stores. They cushion your framed artwork when in the box and also prevent damage to the corners of the frames and avoid the corners from causing damage to other goods.

Wrap the frame in bubble wrap and newsprint. However, if the item isn’t covered in glass, cover the painting in unprinted newsprint first before wrapping in bubble wrap as the plastic might react or stick to the paint. Never use regular newspaper because the ink may react with the paint. For extra protection, tape sheets of cardboard over the bubble wrap.

Once your item is properly protected, you can then package it inappropriately sized picture boxes. Place some crumpled up pieces of unprinted newsprint at the bottom of the box. Then you can put the frame inside. If there is any extra room inside the box, you can always secure your artwork by putting in more newsprint.

If you are shipping a group of smaller framed paintings or photos, simply follow the above guidelines for each piece. Then, place the items vertically in a small cardboard box.

After closing the box and taping it shut, but the address labels and don’t forget to mark the box as “Fragile.”

Bring the package to a reputable shipping company.

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