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How to Properly Pack and Ship Antiques

shipping antiques

Valuable antiques must be handled with care when being shipped. They must be properly packed to avoid damages during transport.  Here are some practical tips on how to properly pack and ship antiques to ensure that they will arrive unscathed, damage-free, and ready for display in its new home.

Prepare boxes that are bigger than the items you are shipping themselves. Remember that the items need to be padded with bubble wrap or newsprint, adding to their sizes.

Wrap each piece with bubble wrap or newsprint, and seal the covering together with tape.

Then, fill up about one-third of the box with packing peanuts. Place the item inside the box upright and fully cover the item with more peanuts. Once the piece is secure, tape the box shut. Don’t forget to write the word “Fragile” on the box.

Address the box and bring to a trusted shipping company.

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