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Ship small appliances

Shipping small home appliances such as oven toaster, microwave oven and electric mixers, can be hassle-free if you follow proper techniques in packing them before shipping. The key is to wrap them for protection and avoid shifting in their boxes during transit. Follow these tips on how to ship small appliances to ensure that they arrive in their new destination scratch-free and in good working condition.

Place the small appliance inside a plastic bag and seal it or tie it closed. You can use normal trash bags, but it’s wise to double bag. This should be done so that even if the box gets wet during shipping, the items will not be damaged.

Put the appliance into a box.  Use the original box if it’s still available.  If not, use a box that is not too small or too large for the item. If it’s a bit larger, wrap the appliance in bubble wrap and put ample packaging peanuts to prevent jostling during transit. You can also use foam blocks or inflatable cushions around the appliance, then fill in any random spaces with crumpled newspaper to limit movement.

Don’t forget to enclose the power cord (if detachable), accessories, user’s manual or any other items that you want to include. These can be placed in a separate bag or included in (or taped to) the first bag.

Properly address the box. It’s a good idea to write the item’s destination and your return address on a piece of paper and place it inside the box. In case exterior of the box is damaged and the addresses become illegible, shipping company staff will open the box in an attempt to determine its origin or destination.

Close the box and seal it with packing tape.

You may now bring the package to the post office or a shipping company.

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