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How to Ship China

How to ship China plates

China and another crockery can be very expensive. Some can also have sentimental value especially the heirloom pieces or a much-treasured gift.  Thus is important that this precious tableware be properly packed before shipping to their new home.  Follow the following tips on how to ship china to protect the fragile dishes from breaking during transit:

Place your first piece of china in the center of a stack of packing paper. Fold one half of the paper over it, and then place the next plate on top. Continue this process until you finish the stack: 4-8 plates, depending on thickness. Fold a few more pieces over the top, and roll the package together, tucking in the sides as you go.

Line the bottom of a dish carton (these boxes are extra thick and sturdy) with crumpled paper for padding. The packages of china should be packed on their sides since this is where the dishes have the most integrity. If you are going to pack different kinds of dishes in the carton, put the china on the bottom, since it is the heaviest, and put lighter, more delicate items on top. Use crumpled paper to fill in any gaps in the box; nothing should shift around. Place one final layer of packing paper on top of everything as cushioning.

The box should be labeled “fragile” and “this ends up.” Finish by labeling it with its contents and destination.

Hire a reputable shipping or moving company to ensure that your china arrives safely in its new destination.

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