How to Ship Cellphones

Electronic items like cell phones are expensive and easily damaged. Thus, they need extra care when being packed for shipping. Here are some practical tips on how to properly pack and ship cellphones.

The best way to ship cell phones is to put them in the boxes they came in along with the original packaging. If these materials are not available, you can use any sturdy cardboard box. Be sure though that the gadget is packaged with plenty of cushioning such as newsprint, packing peanuts, or static-free bubble wrap.

Tape the top of the box and any open sides with the packaging tape. A second layer of tape is recommended.

Address the box legibly or print labels on sticker paper. Aside from the recipient’s address, also include a return address. Position the return label in the upper left-hand corner of the box and the recipient’s address in the center.

Bring the box to the post office, UPS store, FedEx or other desired mailing station to be shipped.

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