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Tips for Packing and Shipping an Oversized Package

Tips for Packing and Shipping Oversized Items

Shipping an oversized item is not the same as shipping a standard package. The packaging method and packing materials that will be used must be taken into consideration. This holds true if you are going to ship large, fragile and delicate items over a long distance. Moreover, if you are shipping a piece of antique furniture or valuable art work, be sure to choose a reliable shipping company that specializes in the safe and secure transportation of such oversized and important items.

Transporting bulky and heavy pieces such as sculptures, huge paintings, natural wood furniture, and even vintage grand pianos weighing half a ton each, is no easy feat. It would require special skills, years of experience and keen attention to details to safely and successfully deliver these items to their new homes. Thank goodness there are companies which specialize in such type of shipments so you don’t have to deal with the back-breaking and stressful endeavor.

For enterprising individuals who prefer to do the packing of oversized items themselves, we list down the following packing and shipping tips to ensure damage-free delivery and help make the job a bit easier!

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