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Important Tips When Shipping Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs are some of the most popular exotic pets around.  They come in different varieties, sizes and colors that make enthusiasts want to acquire all the different types for their collection. Trading hermit crabs has become a common practice among aficionados who want to expand their collections.  These creatures can be safely shipped as long as proper packaging is observed to ensure they arrive alive and healthy.  Here are some important tips when shipping hermit crabs.

Puncture holes on the sides and lid of a disposable food container. The size of the container will depend on the size and number of the hermit crabs you are shipping. Don’t overcrowd the container with crabs and also allow for space for packing materials.

Fill the container half way with shredded white paper. Don’t use printed paper as the ink fumes may not be good for the crabs. Add shredded dampened paper towels on top of the shredded paper.

Give the hermit crabs a quick bath before shipping. This will ensure they get more moisture in their shells and prevent drying out which could be harmful to them.

Place the crabs on top of the wet towels. Place more shredded wet towels on top of the hermit crabs. Some wrap each crab in damp paper towels to inhibit movement but letting them crawl through the shredded paper is far more healthier for them.

Fill the remaining space in the container with more shredded plain paper and place the lid on. Make sure the lid is properly sealed and will not pop out during transit.

Place the container inside a bigger shipping box with a layer of shredded paper in the bottom.  Add more shredded paper all around the plastic container to prevent it from shifting during transport.

Double packing will provide sufficient cushion that will protect the crabs in case the package encounters bumps, falls and other sort of rough handling during transit.

Depending on the temperature of where the hermit crabs are headed to, add heat or cold packs into the package.

Seal the package with packaging tape and attach address and labels.

Take the package to a shipping company or post office and ship via  express overnight or priority mail.  Advise the recipient about the incoming package to make sure there is someone to receive it upon delivery.

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