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How to Ship a Kiddie Bed

shipping a kiddie bed

Because it’s smaller in size, a kiddie bed is relatively easier to ship than say a king-size bed or any other massive home furniture. Nevertheless, it still requires proper packing to ensure that it arrives intact and without any damage. Here are some helpful tips on how to ship a kiddie bed.

Remove the mattress and start disassembling the kiddie bed.  Use the appropriate tools to remove screws, nuts, bolts, and washers. Be careful not to damage any part while taking the furniture apart. Place all screws, nuts, bolts, washers, and other parts into a Ziploc bag to avoid misplacing them.

Once all the parts, which may include a headboard, foot board, railings, and slats, are separated, wrap each of them generously in bubble wrap and secure with packing tape.

Use flattened out cardboard boxes to cover every part of the kiddie bed, giving special attention to parts that are prone to bumps such as corners, protruding details, and edges. Secure the cardboard pieces in place with heavy-duty packing tape but take care not to have the adhesive in direct contact with the surface of the furniture. The adhesive material on the tape might be difficult to remove and damage the finish of the bed.

Once all parts are properly wrapped and protected with cardboard, arrange them in a flat box.  You can ask your local furniture stores for such boxes or you can make your own from cutting to size several large shipping boxes. Also place the bag of screws and bolts inside the box.

Fill empty spaces with more bubble wrap, crumpled newspapers or packing peanuts to prevent the bed parts from moving in the box and banging into each other.

Close and seal the package and attach proper address and labels. Take to your local shipping company or arrange for a pick-up.

Don’t forget to buy insurance when you ship a kiddie bed.

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