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Helpful Tips When Shipping Baby Clothes

shipping baby clothes

Babies grow up so darn quick that we sometimes end up with a closet full of infant wear, some of which were barely worn or never been worn at all! Some enterprising moms resell used kiddie clothes on websites like eBay to make a few bucks and buy a new wardrobe for the baby. Not a bad idea!

Whether shipping brand new or used baby clothes, proper packing must be observed so that the items will arrive intact and in presentable condition. Furthermore, knowing how to properly pack baby clothes for shipping will also help you cut costs.  Here are some tips when packing and shipping baby clothes.

Neatly fold the tiny outfit and place it in a Ziploc bag or wrap it in brown paper secured with tape. This will protect the item from the elements and makes it presentable.

Place the wrapped baby apparel in a poly envelope or a flat rate envelope and ship first class.

When shipping several pieces in one package, fold the items properly and stack neatly in a shipping box. You can get free priority mail boxes from the post office or order them online. You can also ask your local children’s clothing stores for boxes which they don’t need anymore.

Make sure to close the package and seal securely with heavy-duty packing tape to ensure that nothing will “fall out” during transit. Attach appropriate addresses and labels to the package.

Weigh your boxed items. If the final package weighs 13 ounces or less, items can be shipped via First Class Package in whatever generic container you deem best for its safe delivery. This is the most economical.

Packages over 13 ounces up to maximum of 16 ounces, can be shipped in an envelope for the lowest Priority Mail.

The USPS offers free pick up which is very useful especially to moms who can’t leave the baby at home or bring the kids to the post office.

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