How to Ship Wrenches

shipping wrenches

Wrenches are indispensable tools that are used in automobile or household repair jobs. They are usually used to fasten or unfasten nuts and bolts and come in a variety of forms, types, and sizes. Some of the more common wrenches are the monkey wrench, plumber wrench, and crescent wrench.

These tools are usually made from metal and can be quite indestructible. However, some wrenches can weigh significantly and can damage the container they are shipped in if not packed properly. A wrench can puncture its box during transit leading to lost items or cause damage to other packages. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship wrenches to ensure that they will arrive safely and intact.

The USPS flat rate boxes are economical ways of shipping multiple wrenches in one package. As long as your wrenches fit in the box and do not weigh more than 70 pounds, the flat rate boxes are a cost-effective option. Wrap each wrench in the newspaper and then bind them in a bundle using bubble wrap before placing it in the box. Add more packing materials to prevent movement and eliminate rattling sounds.

When shipping a single and small wrench, a bubble mailer can be used. Sandwich the wrench in two pieces of cardboard and secure with tape. Then, insert inside a bubble mailer and seal with tape.

For longer wrenches, triangular shipping tubes that are available for free from the post office or USPS website are great options. Wrap the wrench in bubble wrap before placing it in the tube, adding more packing materials if necessary to prevent movement, and secure the package with tape. Poster tubes can also be an alternative.

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