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How to Ship a Bean Bag Chair

shipping a bean bag chair

Bean bag chairs are popular furniture especially among the young. They provide comfortable seating ideal for casual settings. Bean bag chairs come in various styles, shapes, colors, sizes and can be made from a variety of materials including leather, denim, and other sturdy fabric. Commercially available ones are usually filled with shredded memory foam, PVC pellets, expanded polystyrene, or expanded polypropylene.

There are small bean bags chairs specifically designed for children and there are also massive ones that can seat a couple or more. While most bean bags have light weight filling, their sizes make them quite cumbersome to transport. If you are planning to send a bean bag chair to a son in college or a newly-wed cousin from out of state or to a buyer interested with your old one, here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a bean bag chair to ensure that it arrives in good condition.

Bean bag chairs can be placed in a heavy-duty plastic bag, sealed and then boxed, at least those which can fit in a box. A bean bag can pretty much take the shape of its container so there will be no problem sticking it in a box. Make sure to use a sturdy shipping box that can snugly accommodate the bag. You are using a box that is too small if you see bumps on the sides. The box is too large if you need more packing materials to prevent the bean bag chair from shifting.  Use a box that cannot be easily punctured to provide optimum protection to its contents.

A love sack (bean bag chair version of a love seat) is a bit more difficult to ship because of its size. When sending as a gift, a good option is to purchase a love sack from a store which offer free shipping. Knowing how expensive and troublesome shipping a bulky bean bag seat can get, a lot of stores include the cost of shipping into their prices so they can take the burden of transporting the merchandise from their customers. Simply indicate the recipient’s address in the delivery information form.

If you are sending a bean bag chair that is already in your possession, you can pack it in a large box (fuse two boxes to create a big one) and just have it sent via a freight company. Commercial carriers might not be able to accommodate a huge package like a love sack.

Alternatively, purchase a bean bag chair from a store that employs a vacuum compression technique to shrink a bean bag seat to a much smaller size that is easier to ship. Once the bean bag arrives and removed from the box, the filling will start to expand to its original form.

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