How to Ship Carpentry Tools

shipping carpentry tools

Tools used for woodworking and carpentry vary in sizes, shapes, and weights. Smaller ones like hammers, chisels, and drills can be easily packed in sturdy cardboard boxes while bulkier power tools like table saws might require crates or pallets to ensure that they arrive in good condition. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship carpentry tools.

When shipping several small hand-held tools like hammers, chisels, hand saws, hand planes, and drills in one package, wrap each tool in newspaper and then in bubble wrap. Make sure that pointed and sharp parts are well-padded to prevent them from poking through the cardboard box during transit, as well as from damaging the other tools that they will come in contact with. The tools can also be packed in their original boxes if available. Arrange each tool in the shipping box, filling extra spaces between them and on the sides of the package with packing materials such as bubble wrap and foam.

The tools should snugly fit in the box and do not move around when shaken. Close the box and seal with packaging tape. also secure and reinforce the box’s bottom flaps and seams with packaging tape to prevent it from bursting open. Address and label the shipping box.

For a heavy and bulky power tool, use a wooden box, crate or pallet for shipping. Line the bottom and sides of the box with Styrofoam first then place the tool in the center of the box. To keep the tool from shifting during shipping and handling, fill empty spaces with additional Styrofoam pieces. The tool should be snugly contained in the wooden box/crate/pallet. Screw the lid of the wooden box to keep it shut. Attach address and label to the exterior of the wooden box.

Take your package of carpentry tools to a shipping company and pay for the desired shipping option. Also, get a tracking number so you can follow the shipment and purchase insurance to cover the cost of the tools in case of loss or damage.

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