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Great Tips on How to Ship Sunglasses

shipping sunglasses

The sunglasses have become an integral part of our wardrobe, especially during summer.  Besides making us look cool, it also protects our eyes from the harmful UV and other rays that the sun gives out. Sunglasses also make great presents. They are small enough to be mailed without much hassle and spending too much.  Here are simple tips on how to properly pack and ship sunglasses.

Because it is a fragile item, sunglasses require properly wrapping and packing when being shipped. Place them in the protective cloth sack and case which they came in with.  If they are no longer available.  Use a clean sock instead to protect the lenses from scratches and breakage.

Take some sheets of bubble wrap and use it to protect the entire sunglasses case.  Use several layers of bubble wrap to provide maximum padding. Use packing tape to secure the wrap.

Get a small shipping box and make sure to secure the bottom flaps with tape so it won’t open up. Layer some packing peanuts at the bottom of the box and place the wrapped sunglasses case on top.  Put more packing peanuts into the box until the box is full. Shake the box gently to ensure that the contents are not moving, otherwise, add more packing materials.

Close the box and seal with packaging tape. Address and label the package and bring it to the post office for shipping.

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